More RadioLink systems

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More RadioLink systems

Postby Dodgy Geezer » Sun Mar 27, 2016 8:35 pm

Quite a lot of boat people tried RadioLink for their their first 2.4Ghz system - I was certainly pushing it from GiantCod on my website. But Giant Cod disappeared, and RadioLink support vanished.

Many boaters moved to using the Planet 5 set, imported by Perkins. But that seems to have recently ceased as well! Leaving a lot of boaters quite unhappy and without a source of cheap 2.4GHz systems

Rclife do a Radiolink T4EU - it's only a 4-channel, and you can buy the T4EU-6 for 2/3 the price off Ebay. But having a named supplier must be worth something, and if you were selling the T4EU-6 at the same price as the T4EU I reckon you could pick up a lot of the old Planet 5 custom.

Even better for boaters, it looks as if Radiolink are turning out an 8-channel system - see

This looks as if it has 2 sticks, one 2-pos switch, 1 3-pos switch and 2 proportional rotary switches! That would go down a treat with scale boaters - they are always looking for more channels. Are Radiolink making this? Are they shipping it? If you decide to stock it, an advert in Model Boats might well be justified...

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